Our Brochure is a clear and easy guideline for you in placing your valuable orders with us. Even those who never placed order directly with a hairpiece manufacturing factory before, would find our brochure pretty convenient that would make them confident enough to place their order directly with us.

We have our own COLOR RING named "LR '97" that is for the Western people and "KA" that is for the Oriental people. Also, we have our "HAIR DENSITY CHART", "MATERIAL / NET CHART" etc.

Our Regular manufacturing schedule is 24 (twenty four) days commence from the day we receive an order at our factory. Our RUSH manufacturing schedule is 15 (fifteen) days, SUPER RUSH manufacturing schedule is 8 (Eight) days and DOUBLE SUPER RUSH manufacturing schedule is 5 (five) days commence from the day we receive an order at our factory.

We usually receive orders from abroad by Federal Express and make shipment of the orders to our honorable buyers by FEDERAL EXPRESS as well. The shipping cost from our end is obviously on our A/C (at our own cost). It allows us to trace our shipment up to the destination of delivery on the computer screen. Normally, Federal Express takes only 4 (Four) days to reach a shipment to its' destination. And, so we also would like and would appreciate our honorable buyers to use Federal Express for sending their orders to us which is undoubtedly Time-saving.

We always discourage using Regular or Registered postal/mail service for sending your orders to us. Because, Regular Post/ mail services takes too long to reach us that might cause delay in production of your orders. Therefore, people who do not want to use Federal Express are suggested to use E.M.S. (Express mail service) for sending their orders to us. But, in that case the shipment might take 7~10 days to reach us.

**METHOD OF PAYMENT:-BANK DRAFT or MONEY ORDER is requested to be sent along with the    orders. And, in that case, the Bank Draft/ Money Order should be issued in favor of "LEE RA    TRADING DHAKA LTD”. Payment can also be made by T/T remittance to our A/C.

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